Wrath of Khardigan (unisex)

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Size: XS

It is very cold in space...Good thing you've got our cozy cardigan to keep the chill at bay!

The Wrath of Khardigan is a unisex fit, intended to be a relaxed fit on feminine body types, and fitted on more masculine ones. As a light/mid-weight knitted cardigan, it's perfect for chilly space stations, underground caverns, or ya know, cold offices and evening strolls.

YEARS in the making, the Wrath of Khardigan is a dream come true for us, and we hope for fellow Trekbounders alike! As cosplayers, the devil is in the details, and boy, did this piece have a million and one details we were obsessed with including. For our very first knitted piece, we chose one of the most complicated costume pieces to be inspired by!

Features include:

- open front
- spread style ribbed collar
- ribbed panels
- intarsia and ottoman knit details
- patch pockets (size ref: they fit our iPhone 13 & Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra)

Sizing Note: Additional photos of other sizes/models coming soon! 

* PROTOTYPE SHOWN. Final product may differ slightly.

Fit: As you can see from the photos, this cardigan is designed to be an oversized, relaxed fit on women, and a regular, fitted style on men. Size up or down depending on your fit preference!

Both Victoria and Craig are wearing the sample size S/M. 

41 in
34 in
36 in

Bust: 34 in
Waist: 28 in
Hip: 39 in
Size: S

Fabric:  55% Acrylic, 45% Cotton

Care: Machine wash cold on DELICATE or most gentle cycle, then dry flat. Can be ironed on lowest heat setting. Can also be dry cleaned if preferred.

Designed in Los Angeles

Imported from our knitwear factory in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Charlie Anderson
My new favorite thing!!

I have never had an article of clothing that made me feel so HAPPY!!! I’m a big guy and this looks and feels amazing. It’s a true unisex garment that I am super glad looks so good on me! It’s the perfect balance of NERD and everyday wear! If you are even considering getting this, you won’t be disappointed.

DJ Stinky
The coziest garment on Ceti Alpha 5

The knit fabric of this is PLUSH and the details and workmanship are both great. I got a 3x because I was worried about having room in the bust and booty, and I could DEFINITELY have gotten a 2x and still had a great fit (for my fellow fat girls: I'm 5'7" 260# with a mostly hourglass shape and a bit of an apron belly), but wearing this oversized still looks great and feels comfy. The larger size/fit mostly means the sleeves extend past my wrist (like we all did in the 2000s anyway). I got a ton of compliments from my remote work coworkers, who only saw me from the chest up! And none of them are nerds! It looks good and is fully stealth mode for profesh settings, which is fun.

If you ever want to make a duster version that looks like Spock's robes from The Voyage Home I would almost certainly get that, too ;)

Leslee Sheu
My friend loves it.

I got the Wrath of Khardigan for a friend and she loves it. It fits nicely.

Tracey McDougall
I absolutely love it 😻

The Wrath of Khardigan is stunning. Amazing quality and am in love with it. Thank you x

Connie Hutchins
Worthy of Starfleet

This is one of the best Trek related items I’ve ever bought. It’s so well made and comfortable, and perfectly suited for relaxing in the crew lounge after a tough Starfleet mission. The only downside is that everyone else wants to borrow it so get ready to set phasers to stun to keep them at bay!