5 Ways to Wear Our Lounge Robe

5 Ways to Wear Our Lounge Robe

Our new Lounge Robe is a labor of love we spent several months developing until we got it just right. It's not a regular robe, nor is it meant to be, because it is SO much more than that! It was designed to be a multi-use piece of apparel, functioning as a fashion robe to a swim cover-up...and I think we did a pretty good job achieving exactly that.

At its simplest, it is an oversized loose-fit robe designed to fit a wide range of sizes. Granted, there's always a size range left out, but we did our best to ensure that wasn't the case. In fact, we were so concerned about it that we created 2 OSFM size options: Regular and Plus. Regular is recommended for XS - XL, and Plus is recommend for 2X - 4X. While we did prototype and test our a Petite option to super duper cover all sizes, it was determined that that robe size ended up becoming a different style of garment altogether, and lost the intent of what the Lounge Robe is meant to be. It will likely be used to develop a different robe style later on.

The Lounge Robe is made from a poly-spandex fabric that has a luxurious silk-like feel to it with an elegant drape and flow. While it's a relatively lightweight fabric, we still felt obligated to include pockets because...POCKETS ALWAYS. And let's be honest, even if it isn't practical, the second you don't include pockets, people immediately ask "WHY NO POCKETS?". While worn as a regular robe, the pockets in the Lounge Robe hang a bit too low for some babes...but that all changes once you switch to one of the variant ways to wear it!

Below are 5 of my favorite ways to wear our Lounge Robe (there's definitely more than 5 ways to wear it!):

LOOK 1: Fashion Robe

LOOK 2: Wrap Dress

LOOK 3: Swimsuit Cover Up

LOOK 4: Asymmetrical Wrap

LOOK 5: Open Back Wrap Top

BONUS LOOK: Space Cape!

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