Pop Galaxy Clothing x Kavita Maharaj: Fandom Expression Through Artful Fashion

Pop Galaxy Clothing x Kavita Maharaj: Fandom Expression Through Artful Fashion
Saturday, March 26th, is the late (great!) Leonard Nimoy's birthday. While he sadly left this plane of existence 7 years ago, his incredible influence, both as himself and as the ever iconic Spock, is alive and well. Honestly, with all the new Trek we've gotten in recent years, it feels like Spock is more alive than ever, and I never go a day without thinking of him and Leonard Nimoy.

Never a day? Yup, that's right. That's because I have artwork of Spock all over our place, so I literally see him every day...! My most special and beloved Spock-adorned corner is the little mediation space I've created for myself, made perfectly complete once I finally hung up my favorite piece of breathtaking artwork produced by the incomparable Kavita Maharaj of Retrospect Studios.

I met Kavita at Creation's Star Trek convention in Las Vegas a couple of years ago, and was absolutely smitten. You could find me haunting her booth more than my own, lol. I just couldn't stop walking by to admire her pieces, and I was obsessed with the desire to see her artwork on our own clothing. The essence of Pop Galaxy is about expressing fandom through fashion.  As a fan, ALL I wanted was to wear her beautiful Spock art on my body. It took until the the end of the con before I had finally gathered the nerve to ask her if she was interested in such a collaboration... and was over the moon when she said she was!

Now, I'm a very particular person, and I had very particular ideas for the apparel I thought worthy for her artwork to grace. For her Spock's Search for Meaning piece, it was for a product we hadn't even developed yet...! But for me, if we only used her artwork on one garment, it was going to be that one. It's taken more years than I expected, obviously in no small part due to the pandemic, but we finally got that new product style off the ground, and her artwork officially on our apparel, in the form of our new Lounge Robe.

Oversized, drapey, and dramatically elegant, our new Lounge Robe was the perfect piece of apparel to showcase both Kavita's artwork and Leonard Nimoy visage. It's definitely a garment that will always have people watching you as you leave! Our new Lounge Robes are meant to be incredibly versatile, both in different ways to wear it, but also different ways to style it. I enjoyed taking it from a Day to a Night look while we were on the Star Trek Cruise earlier this month!

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